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Trudy Wiegand is originally from Australia and has been residing in Norway for the past 23 years. She has established herself as a recognized artist and runs her own studio and gallery in the heart of Oslo.

In 2012 ,Wiegand was one of only three artists asked to submit an original art piece for the design of the Nobel Peace Prize Diploma. She is also represented by one of Oslo's most established galleries, Galleri Ramfjord and has a 18 month year wait list for her works.

She employs various working methods throughout the process of creating a piece. Her gestural, expressive works are created by large physical movements and flowing paint, which are later combined with small details using fine brushes.

" I like to choose my color palette before I start to paint, and then work with time consuming color mixing, creating different hues, shades and saturation. It's important for me to create a powerful and tangible palette, even when using the lightest of pastel shades. The contrast between light and dark, hard and soft, and how those opposing elements work together, hopefully creates a special atmosphere in my art " .