Yngve Næsheim, born 1960, Bærum, Norway.

Yngve Næsheim grew up as third generation in a visual artist family. He took an early interest in drawing and already at the age of 11 he got an acknowledgement for his artistic skills by winning 2. prize in a worldwide drawing contest arranged by UNICEF.

Yngve Næsheim graduated from The Norwegian National Academy of Fine Art in 1986. In the following years he participated in several solo-, group- and collective exhibitions, received international awards, and was purchased by different public institutions. In 2000 he chose to work part-time within Health Care, a decision that has had a great influence on his life and given new inspiration to his art. For a period he withdraw from the public life in artistic circles, while working harder than ever with his art on the quiet. The result is a large production of so far unknown work.

In 2005 he moved back to his childhood home in Bærum and established a studio there. Yngve Næsheim has through the years remained faithful to his own expression style, yet not afraid of exploring and developing new techniques. His artistic expression can best be described as a form of classical modernism.